Athletic Directors and Coaches:

We, the members of the Dallas Basketball Officials Association (DBOA), appreciate your trust in being your basketball officiating chapter of choice. As one of the premiere chapters in the state of Texas, we are proud to serve some of the most prolific and talented student athletes and schools. Our schools are consistently represented in Regional and State championships yearly.

We have provided detailed information on how to add your school’s home games in RefTown – please click on the PDF link below.

Our client schools and school districts can request our officiating services for Playoff Games through this website. Non-DBOA schools and school districts can also request our chapter officiating services for Regular Season and Playoff Games through this website. We thank you for your commitment to and confidence in DBOA and look forward to providing our officiating services to your schools.

If you have any questions or need any additional information please contact our Assignment Secretary (assignment.secretary@thedboa.com)